Perseverance, determination, and never taking no for an answer—these qualities are hard to teach, but oh-so necessary if you want to grow your skillset and career in this industry.

welding students visits with john king of jk welding

Local high school welding student, Clayton, showed us at JK Welding that he sure as heck has all of these important traits.

After several calls asking if he could set up a time to tour the shop and learn some tips from John King himself, Clayton’s persistence paid off. Clayton got a one-on-one phone call with Mr. King. This initial phone call then led to him asking (again) to come by the shop and talk in person.

His meeting request was finally granted, “Persistence pays off, so you should never give up, as I have been shown and got a taste of my own medicine,” said King.

Getting one-on-one time with a company’s owner is not often heard of, but John King isn’t just your average owner. He is no stranger to mentoring and supporting youngsters within this trade. Though, usually, he does so at welding competitions and out in the community, instead of right here in our shop. However, we were all excited for Clayton to learn some tips in an actual weld fab shop from a seasoned welder—you really can’t beat that kind of “real world” experience.

welding teacher
young student welder learns how to weld
john king of jk welding showing a welder some tips
Clayton got the grand tour from John King himself and asked some great questions along the way. Then, it was time to get down to business. King had Clayton weld some plate, and spent over 30 minutes with him offering advice and ways to improve. In that 30 minutes, Clayton grew as a welder. We saw actual improvement in his technique in that short amount of time.

We sent Clayton home with some JK merch, welding tips to practice, and a memory that will last him a lifetime. His entire visit to JK Welding lasted about one hour.

One hour of our day, something so small in our eyes, yet so memorable in his.

We don’t write about this to brag on ourselves, or to ask for applause—we write this to encourage YOU, motivate YOU, inspire YOU, to go out and do the same. Give back, pay it forward and always put kindness back into the world.

Since Clayton’s visit, he has continued the conversation: asking for a job, engaging with us on social media, and thanking us for the experience. We don’t doubt that he’s meant for great things.

Good luck and keep at it Clayton, we can’t wait to see the welder you become.

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