John King of JK Welding was out in the community supporting young welders at the KatyISD welding competition at Katy High School.

Check out this video of our owner, John King, inspiring the kids before they begin the competition.

“I was asked to speak at the Katy High School Welding competition today. Everyone has dreams, but life gets in the way for most. You must stay focused on what’s most important in life: Have passion in everything your hands touch, show your passion through commitment and eagerness to strive to be the best, and fight like a barbarian to achieve your life goals. It’s always a hope of mine to just inspire one kid, JUST ONE and I made progress. Have a great day,” – John King

Also, huge thanks to all the sponsors and everyone that made today happen:

Want to see more of this event? Watch the TikTok recap of the event here.

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