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JK Welding commands a large shop with a convenient location so clients can depend on us to have the space necessary to complete any job. With plenty of storage and protection from the elements, we can work year round on the piping and other welding projects oil and gas companies need completed. JK Welding is available all year round to ensure clients get the best work when they need it, no matter when the project needs to be completed.

JK Welding has only the best welding equipment to complete all of our projects. We also have top of the line automatic welding machines to complete intricate pipe fabrication jobs. Every job completed by us is inspected so our clients get the best quality and the strongest welds possible. JK Welding has only the most professional and highly experienced pipe fitters. We offer a wide variety of specialized and standard fabrication and welding techniques.

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Typical Stainless Steel Project Uses

Our Pipe Fitters Specialize in Gas and Oil Pipeline Metal Fabrication

We are able to adapt to projects that are outside of the box, but we do commonly see the following piping materials:

Whether a client has a small job or a massive undertaking for us, we treat it with same standard of professionalism and skill. Using only the best equipment and most modern techniques, we can complete any pipefitting job to the highest standard. When innovation is required, we can come up with strategies that will make your project work for you.

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