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JK Welding is a full service metal fabricator serving the Oil and Gas Industry. During this period we have worked closely with the oil industry and one of our most proven products, designed specifically for the oil industry, is the manufacturing of oil field skids. The oil field skids designed by our company are built to the rigorous standards of the oil industry.

Our skids are custom built for each specific need and is durable and safe. Our manufacturing facility has the capacity to make the quantity and customized designed skids that your job requires. Our manufacturing process is proven and can produce your order in the volume that you need and when you will need it. There is no order that we can not fill. Our staff will sit down with you and review your specifications for your oil field needs.

We will have our design team calibrate our manufacturing equipment to the exact specifications that you require. We will run a test sample so you are satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the contracted product. Without a doubt, we make the finest equipment used by the oil industry.

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What Is An Oil Field Skid?

A oil field skid is essentially a reinforced steel frame over a flat base or pallet skid. It is designed to transport people and equipment, or both and the design and function is based on the oilfield in which the skid is employed. The weight load can vary and the skid can be built to accommodate any specified weight load. Its size range can vary greatly based on the designed and anticipated load capacity.

Oil field skids are often seen in use on onshore, as well as offshore oil fields, where they are used to transport self contained cargo and other oil industry related equipment. Skids can be configured for special equipment such as long wireline and logging equipment, oil and mud tanks and even control rooms and pressure valves.


Our Oilfield skids satisfy all standards and requirements pertaining to transportability, design and structural integrity and ease of use by oil field workers. Safety is engrained in the construction of all of our oil field skids. Our skids are designed to bear the weight load that is required. Our engineering team ensures that all designs submitted to our office are sound and can be easily installed or operated by a crane if need be.

Our Manufacturing Process

We start with your design or drawing concept. You can articulate verbally what type of oil field skid you seek or you can bring our design on your CAD or computer file. It does not matter as our experienced staff will work up a first draft of drawings for you to review.

Once your design has been approved, computer designed plans are prepared and programmed into our computers that control our metal framing, metal fabrication and cutting process. This enables us to meet your exact requirements as a result of our precision shearing, “water jet cutting” and torch, saw, and focused plasma cutting array. All welding is completed by certified labor. Additionally, any outside labor used for any phase of the oil field skid construction process is qualified by our management staff as possessing the skill set and certification required to complete your custom task.

Through our combine effort, JK Welding will use its experience, knowledge and exceptional staff to finish your design task on budget and within the schedule that you have set. All of your standards and requirements will be met.

Call our office for an initial estimate. We can detail a proposed budget for your needs whether you have prepared drawings or you require the assistance of our design team to provide you with concepts and ideas. All we need is for you to be able to articulate the type of oil field use you imagine and we will be able to get started. If it would help to inspire you, you can draw on our extensive catalog of designed oil field skids for your consideration.

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