Each year, the Texas FFA association honors those who have shown outstanding service to agricultural education and the FFA.

Honorary Lone Star Degree - John King - Texas FFA
Lee Matthews, Cy Ridge High School FFA, presents John King with Honorary Lone Star Degree.

And each year, local chapters honor school officials, local business owners, farmers, parents and alumni to receive the honorary lone star chapter degree.

However, only a select few are chosen to receive the highest degree of honorary membership which can be bestowed at the state level by the Texas FFA Association, the Honorary Lone Star FFA Degree.

This award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contribution to FFA or agricultural education over a long period of time. In addition, those who are helping to advance agricultural education and the FFA and who have rendered outstanding service, may be elected.

texas ffa - welding competition - fire pit build off
JK Welding at Fire Pit Build Off for Texas High School Welding Series
TXHSWS Huntsville Competition - JK Welding
John King of JK Welding Showing The Kids How It's Done
John King passes out a signed hat at the Andrew Noppe Memorial Welding Competition at R&N Manufacturing.
andrew noppe welding competition - john king
John King observes young welders at the Andrew Noppe Memorial Welding Competition.
JK Welding - Competition - Community Involvement
John King watches a weld test at a local competition.
John King of JK Welding at R&N Manufacturing Welding Rig - AlumaReel USA
John King at a Cypress welding competition.
Katy ISD Welding Competition at Katy High School
John King at the KatyISD Welding Competition at Katy High School.
inspirational speech to young welding students
John King Inspiring Young Welding Students at Katy High School.

John King has been involved in the Texas High School Welding Series since it was founded. Before that, he participated in and donated to numerous FFA events in the community.

“It’s hard for me to tell you how I truly feel about receiving this award, especially since it’s so special of an award that not many people receive. I wasn’t even aware until recently that this was a state level award of approval. I’m so grateful and honored to have received this, as I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy helping the next generation reach their dream and goals in life,” said King.

A huge thank you Lee Matthews and the Texas FFA Association for this outstanding award and recognition.



Need some motivation? Check out this video of John King inspiring young welders in Katy. 



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