John King: Tradesman to Millionaire Business Owner

We are so excited to share the below feature from The Jerry Brazie podcast! Tune in below to listen to the full podcast with our owner, John King.

“Since the age of 20, John worked as a boilermaker at his dad’s company and rig welder at a large manufacturing firm. With the hope of expanding his horizons in 2005, he started his own side business out of his garage, making metal “cowboy” furniture; barbecue pits, deer feeders, and rocking chairs. The small, part-time business has metamorphosed into JK Welding, a multi-million-dollar company that thrives on creativity, skill, and man-power. His philosophy is, “we build anything.” If other companies turn down a project, my crew and I take on the job with gusto.”

“He has a heart and passion for inspiring the young and embracing Veterans. He mentors thousands of teens at high school, and community speaking engagements throughout the entire US and is the first to jump on the opportunity to lead others and share his entrepreneurial success story. John had a rough upbringing and knows first-hand what it takes to pull yourself from your bootstraps; grit, determination, and willingness to lead and learn have been the pillars of his success. Oh, and he really likes to hunt!

All of that and more on this episode of The Jerry Brazie podcast!

So check it out and hear some unfiltered insight from someone who comes from nothing, who had made it big, and is talking about it in an unfiltered and honest way. It’s just his opinion, but he will make you think!”

If you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to check out John King on The Gulf Coast Growth Show!

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