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In many industries, welding plays an important role. However, one of the most important industries relying on these skills is the oil and gas industry. Whether it’s a refinery or a remote exploration project, welding can often mean the difference between operations running smoothly or coming to a standstill. One of the most important welding tasks in the oil and gas industry involves drilling rig fabrication. Whether it’s working from customer supplied drawings or using past experience to help customers decide on the best option, JK Welding LLC can help meet any and all of a customer’s needs.

Using their years of experience, JK Welding can do a variety of rig fabrications.

Some of the most widely-used fabrications within the oil and gas industry include:

  • Mast and Substructure
  • Mud System
  • Tank
  • House
  • Mud Pump
  • Engine Generator

No matter the job, all welders assigned to the project are guaranteed to be highly-skilled in all facets of rig fabrication. Certified and familiar with the latest technology, they can complete practically any specifications set forth by the customer.

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Mast and substructure fabrication is perhaps the most used rig fabrication within the oil and gas industry. Racking boards, mousehole scabbards, handrails, stairways and floor winch pedestals are just some of the services offered by JK Welding. Mud system fabrication can involve working on and building a number of essential items for the job, such as:

If an existing mud tank system is already in place, JK Welding can create a separate mud lab house to accommodate the current system. Hopper skids that can use venturi and shear hoppers can be done, with the option to include a super sack handling hoist trolley system or a knuckle boom crane with independent HPU.

If it’s a tank that needs fabrication services, we can do that as well. Fuel tanks, trip tanks and water tanks with v-crimps can be customized to make sure they meet our customer’s specifications, with rectangular or round water tanks with capacities ranging from 50-620 BBL available. As an added feature, skids can also be made any size to fit fuel centrifuges, pumps and heat exchangers.

Many oil and gas companies, along with other industries, need living quarter camps erected for crews that will be working in remote locations. Not only will these living quarters need to be comfortable, but tough as well. Therefore, all houses are built with an extremely sturdy v-crimp to last for the lifetime and service of the drilling rig. Parts warehouses, along with mechanical and electrical workshops, can also be constructed to the highest of standards.

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On most jobs, nothing gets done if the engine, radiator and generator aren’t kept in good working order. To help with this, we can fabricate skids with roofs and drain pans for all three components, as well as winterized enclosed skids for them as well. Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit engine/generator arrangements can be accommodated with these skids, and can come with either an above-roof or below-roof muffler.

As oil and gas exploration becomes even more important in the quest for new sources of energy, the need for quality drilling rig fabrication will also become more important. At JK Welding, we recognize the importance of having quality and reliable housing and other structures for equipment available to all personnel involved with the job. When you need the best work from a company that puts their customers first, contact us at JK Welding

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